US envoy says Sudan’s military exercised ‘restraint’ at protests

US envoy says Sudan’s military exercised ‘restraint’ at protests

November 3, 2021 | Africa, Flow BLOG


Image: Reuters

The United States’ special envoy for the Horn of Africa said on

Tuesday that the Sudanese military had shown “restraint” in its

response to demonstrations on Saturday, which he said was a sign of

potential for a return to power sharing with civilians.

Jeffrey Feltman who briefed reporters on the fallout from the October

25 Military takeover in Sudan says the toll was “far too many” but that

“by and large, security services exercised restraint”, and demonstrators

also stayed away from sensitive military locations, which reduced the

potential for violence.

A medical group had said three protesters were shot dead and 38 were

injured by security forces as opponents of military rule took to the

streets of Khartoum.

The coup has derailed a transition meant to steer Sudan to democracy,

with elections in 2023, after long-serving ruler Omar al-Bashir was

toppled in 2019.

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