Tyreek Hill Challenges Bolt

Tyreek Hill Challenges Bolt

August 13, 2021 | Flow BLOG, Sports

Usain Bolt, Tyreek Hill
Usain Bolt, Tyreek Hill
Photo Credit: Left to Right – Dylan Martinez/via Reuters; Jay BIggerstaff/via USA Today

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver has had his challenge heard by none other than Usain Bolt, and a race might be incoming. “If you keep talking, I might just show up,” said Bolt in a recent interview. 

The fastest man of all time was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday to talk about how his skills might translate to the NFL, and about the constant trash talking coming from the Hill camp. They also proposed a wager – one of Bolt’s gold medals for Tyreek’s Superbowl ring. 

Patrick and Bolt talked the terms of the potential matchup, with them settling on a 70m race, to compromise between Hill’s preferred 40 yd dash, and Bolt’s 100m sprint. Hill has taken to Twitter repeatedly to stake his claim as the best 40 yd runner in the world, and has posted videos of him dominating teammates. 

Bolt’s pedigree in the 100m is well documented, and clearly has nothing to prove, but the 34 year old is clearly past his physical prime as a sprinter. Tyreek Hill, 27,  went so far as to say that the 8-time gold medalist is “washed up” and that “he can’t see me in 40 yards.”

It’s a pretty big accusation considering Usain has run the 40 yard dash before, and beat Tyreek’s NFL combine time of 4.29 seconds, with a time of 4.22 seconds – in sweats! 

The matchup still seems highly unlikely, but the grounds for the competition have been set, now both athletes just need to commit. Suffice to say it would be the most exciting under ten seconds since the Olympics. 



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