St. Vincent Volcano Relief

St. Vincent Volcano Relief

April 15, 2021 | Caribbean, Flow BLOG

St. Vincent Volcano Relief
Photo Credit: G98.7FM

G98.7FM listeners have generously opened their hearts to help the people of St. Vincent and The Grenadines following the initial eruption of the La Soufrière volcano on April 9.

The volcano spewed ash and hot ash during its initial eruption, but early on April 12, a large explosion sent pyroclastic flows down the volcano’s south and south-west flanks.

A pyroclastic flow is a dense, fast-moving flow of solidified lava pieces, volcanic ash, and hot gases. It is extremely dangerous to any living thing in its path.

Before the April 9th eruption, between 16,000 to 20,000 people were evacuated under government orders.

About 4,000 people are temporarily living in 87 government shelters, while others have relocated to hotels or the homes of friends and family.

G98.7FM asked its listeners to donate water and other essential goods, and the response has been overwhelming. The station is coordinating with KLC Freight Lines Limited to ensure all donations reach the people of St. Vincent.

St. Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on April 14 that the government is trying to determine the needs of the evacuees staying in private homes across the island, adding that registration of those evacuees is ongoing.

Didier Trebucq, the United Nations resident coordinator for Barbados and the eastern Caribbean, said, “We are facing a situation with a great deal of uncertainty, and also a humanitarian crisis that is growing and may continue for weeks and months.”

Trebucq noted that many shelters were lacking basic services including drinking water.

Besides drinking water, other necessary items include:

– Non-perishable food items

– Baby formula

– Baby cereal

– Baby diapers

– Adult diapers

– Feminine products

– Sanitizing products

– Folding cots

– Blankets

– Tents (10x10ft or 20x20ft)

– Sleeping mats

– Respirator mask with filters

– Goggles

– Reflective vests

– Hygiene kits


G98.7FM is committed to doing everything possible to assist the people of St. Vincent during this tragedy.

For more information, and how to make a donation click here.




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