Spike Lee’s New Docu-series

Spike Lee’s New Docu-series

August 26, 2021 | Entertainment, Flow BLOG

Spike Lee at a New York Knicks Game
Spike Lee at a New York Knicks Game
Photo Credit: James Devaney/via Getty Images

Spike Lee, the revered filmmaker, has been in the news lately for his latest docu-series “NYC Epicentres 9/11-2021½.” The first episode came out on HBO on the 22nd, and the final episode of the 4 part series is set to be released on September 11th, the 20 year mark since the attacks took place. 

What’s really been pushing his name into the limelight recently is a section of the final episode. Lee allegedly devotes “significant screen time” to a conspiracy group centered around finding out the “truth” behind the 9/11 attack. And people are not happy about it. 

The final episode was released to the media prior to its official on-screen release, and many complained about the sheer amount of screen time given to the group “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.” 

Though he did also interview scientists who dispute the claims, many viewers said that it was edited in such a way that seemed to balance the two opinions. At some points, it even seems to side with the conspiracy theorists. 

Yesterday, Spike Lee spoke to New York Times to state that he would be re-editing the final episode after facing momentous criticism. The big issue is that the director would be giving them a voice to spread conspiracy during a time of memorial for the tragic attacks 20 years ago.

“I’m back in the editing room and looking at the eighth and final chapter of NYC Epicentres 9/11 – 2021½,” he said. “I respectfully ask you to hold your judgment until you see the FINAL CUT”



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