Shenseea’s Album Cover

Shenseea’s Album Cover

August 19, 2021 | Entertainment, Flow BLOG

Shenseea’s new album - Be Good
Shenseea’s new album – Be Good
Photo Credit: Shenseea/via Instagram

Something was clearly on Shenseea’s mind when she released the artwork for her upcoming album, set for release tomorrow. With a dress as extravagant as ever, she somehow managed to keep everyone’s eyes a bit higher up and focused on her hair instead.

The dancehall artist took to Instagram yesterday to show off the artwork for “Be Good,” and to let everyone know what a big theme of the album might be. “The only thing that’s on my damn mind lately!!!! #BeGood dropping this Friday,” she said in her post. She also included a very specific emoji in case y’all were wondering.

The 24 year old Manchester Parish native has been taking the dancehall scene by storm lately, and has seen the promotion for the upcoming album go viral. She’s even made it onto the EA Madden 2022 soundtrack with the song “How I’m Feelin” featuring Belly.

Shenseea skyrocketed into stardom after track “Blessed” featuring Tyga made its way onto the airwaves, and has since received more than 43 million streams on Spotify. She’s been putting out hit single after hit single since 2016, and “Be Good” will be her debut full length LP.

With Shenseea’s album release slated for this upcoming Friday, it’ll be a sight to see as her and dancehall colleague Spice compete for the top spot on the charts. Spice put out her album “10” on August 6th, and found herself pretty high up on Billboard’s reggae charts.

Suffice to say the young star has caught everyone’s attention, whether it be through a “mind-boggling” album cover choice, or through her powerful bombastic dancehall tracks.



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