New Anti-Black Racism Course

New Anti-Black Racism Course

February 1, 2021 | Flow BLOG, Local News

Newbrook Secondary School
Newtonbrook Secondary School
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Four Black high school teachers in Toronto developed a Grade 12 course examining anti-Black racism. 

The course, Deconstructing anti-Black racism in the Canadian North American context, was developed after the teachers met with concerned students. 

The course is offered at Newtonbrook Secondary School.

“As a young person, myself and the other educators, we grew up through this system of education and we know what’s been delivered,” said D. Tyler Robinson, one of the teachers. 

“When we’re in class, there’s an opportunity as an educator to make space for these conversations that are impactful to kids. There’s an opportunity to rebuild and repair through discussion.” 

Robinson, and fellow teachers Tiffany Barrett, Remy Basu and Kiersten Wynter, developed the course from existing courses. The four-unit course covers anti-Black racism in language, history, and media. 

Robinson said racism is only briefly covered in the current curriculum. 

“You’re just playing around the top of each issue and not providing the time and space to go deep,” he says. 

With the new course, he added, “We’ll not just be quickly touching on issues that negatively impact Black kids or focusing on it during Black history month, but making space to really delve into a really complex topic.” 

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