Mackie as Captain America

Mackie as Captain America

August 23, 2021 | Entertainment, Flow BLOG

Anthony Mackie - Captian America
Anthony Mackie
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/via Getty Images

It’s official, the next Captain America will be a Black man! Anthony Mackie, the actor who previously played Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will inherit the shield and take his turn as the leader of the Avengers. 

The 42 year old New Orleans native signed a deal with Marvel and Disney studios to play the role of the iconic superhero in the upcoming ‘Captain America 4’. He made his first appearance in Marvel films in the 2014 film ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ as Sam Wilson, aka Falcon. 

Spoiler alert (but if you haven’t watched ‘Avengers: Endgame’ yet… What are you doing?! It’s time to catch up!), when the original Captain America played by Chris Evans grew old and retired from being a superhero, it was well known that he would pass the mantle onto either best friend Bucky Barnes, or partner in crime Sam Wilson. 

Sam Wilson, or Falcon, was chosen to take on the role, as many fans had suspected, with Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan to serve as his right hand man. 

Before becoming a superhero known for his triumphant wings and hope for change, Mackie made his name on critically acclaimed films like ‘8 Mile’, ‘The Hurt Locker’, and ‘Million Dollar Baby’. His acting chops are apparent to any who pay attention. 

Further details have yet to be released about the upcoming film, and the cast hasn’t yet been named. But a new era for the Avengers is on the way, an era with a Black man leading the charge. Avengers Assemble!



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