Bolt Training for 800m

Bolt Training for 800m

July 9, 2021 | Flow BLOG, Sports

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt
Photo Credit: Ian Macnicol/via Getty Images

A change of pace for the fastest man alive? Usain Bolt, the now retired sprinter, has decided to lace up his spikes one last time for a race that is less than expected from the short distance sprinting superstar – the 800m. 

Bolt is making a comeback to the track for a promotional race, to see if the speedster can overcome the longer distance in less than two minutes. The event will take place on July 13 and will be streamed on his Facebook page. 

He has partnered up with CarMax, a car trading app. He’s set to race against a customer trying to get an offer on his vehicle in the time that Bolt races around the track. 

It’s hard to picture Usain Bolt not completing anything involving running in less than two minutes, for the most part his accomplishments have been measured in seconds. 

His world records in the 100m and 200m races are well-renowned, and according to Bolt, he’s still “very confident” they won’t be broken in the upcoming Olympics. For those wondering, the world record in the 800m stands at 1:40.91, a number set by Kenyan runner David Rudisha in 2012. 

Retirement has treated Usain Bolt rather well, and he seems to be making the most of his celebrity. While he still practices his running on the track, you can find the Jamaican sprinter on another sort of track, as he’s been spending time in the studio as a music producer. 

Fans of the sprinter shouldn’t be getting their hopes up for a comeback to the track. When asked if this was a potential prelude to future competition Bolt shut down optimists rather quickly. 

“Definitely not,” Bolt emphatically said. “This is just a one-off challenge to see if I still got it.”



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