3 Brampton Brothers died in a fire

3 Brampton Brothers died in a fire

January 24, 2022 | Flow BLOG, Local News


Photo Credit: inBrampton

A group of mothers in Brampton has come together to assist the mother of the three boys who died last Thursday in a devastating fire in Brampton.

The boys were brothers Alex Bagan-Overholt, 9, Riley Bagan-Overholt, 12, and Coen Bagan-Overholt,

Peel police have said Heather Bagan was taking a younger child to school when the fire broke out and that no other adult was home.

 One of the boys called 911, but the fire tore through the townhouse too fast for firefighters to rescue them. The boys were pulled from the home and rushed to hospital with critical injuries.

All three boys died in hospital.

Camar and Crystal, both members of a group called Malton Moms,  have started a Go Fund Me to help Heather get back on her feet.

The Moms were guests on G 987’s GTA UP-CLOSE talk show on Sunday.


Councilor for ward 7 and 8, Charmaine Williams who was also on the program says, the city of Brampton is also doing what it can to assist the Bagan family.



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